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Our technology is recognized as the best worldwide for fighting fraud and financial crime.

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Newsroom – Our Value Proposition

Our culture

We cultivate an innovative, fun, and positive team atmosphere. We challenge each other to find new solutions to customer problems and our work is constantly evolving as both our business and people grow. We share an enthusiasm for technical innovation and we’re interested in the outcomes you achieve, not just the hours you put in.

We work hard, but flexibly. We’re focused but we take time out to have fun as a team.

Motivated by our passion to innovate, we outsmart criminals with technology. We are dedicated to protecting our customers and supporting their drive to protect their own clients and consumers. Working to achieve these goals enables us to build a successful business, and a culture that values our customers and partners, colleagues, and connections.

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“It’s easy to enjoy the working day at Featurespace, everyone here is extremely motivated and invested in the success of the company.”

Damien – Head of UI

How we embrace our culture

Open and honest working environment

As a company, we stand by cultivating a business built upon openness, honesty, and trust, which we believe creates a resilient and meaningful culture, and that as an organisation we do what is best for our people.

Our practices enable the business to truly listen to what its people need and to take action swiftly and efficiently. This includes our “All-Hands” meetings where we discuss company updates, strategy, and life at Featurespace, host an anonymous Q&A, celebrate staff Shout-Outs to praise our colleagues, and review our regular all-staff surveys.

Your voice counts 

Featurespace is, first and foremost, a technology company built by people, for people. Our business operates an open-plan structure, where you can approach anyone from the most senior to the most junior and book time in their calendar any time you need to. Our hierarchy in the business is very fluid – something we are extremely proud of.

Everyone’s view and opinion counts at Featurespace, and often our most ingenious ideas come from our newest team members. We continually look to improve and innovate at all levels of the business and welcome the addition of new colleagues to bring exciting and dynamic new ways of thinking to the problems we need to solve.

More than just a 9-5

Community and passion are at the core of what we do, and we firmly believe in bringing the social side to the forefront. From summer socials, Christmas parties, and team nights out to board game evenings, coffee chats, and communal dog walks – there is something for everyone.

Celebrating both personal and professional achievements is just as important to us as celebrating new business deals. We’ve been to the Wild West, had a spy-themed Christmas party, and hosted our very own ‘Featurespace Fest’ over the summer, and are always looking for amazing new ideas for our future celebrations!

Our Values


To tell the truth – kindly


To strive for innovation and brilliance at all times


To be proactive, personal and professional


To be empowered to take the right decision for the customer, always


To be generous to our colleagues, clients and contacts


To keep the fridges full

Our flexible working

Flexibility at work has always been important; but is now more crucial than ever. Here at Featurespace, we pride ourselves in cultivating a fun, positive, collaborative working environment, but firmly believe in giving you the freedom to decide on the how, when, and where.

Everyone is unique, and everyone has different working styles and preferences; we trust our people to bring their best to their work and are committed to trying to accommodate a solution that works for you. Whether you’re a parent, a pet-owner, or just looking for a better work-life balance, we encourage the open and honest conversation with your line manager to agree on what works best for you and the team.

Some of our roles will inevitably require more on-site work than others and as an organisation we see the value in working collaboratively with colleagues in many circumstances, which is why some teams will ask for you to work from the office a few days a week, however we will always strive to consider working arrangements that allow you the work-life balance you want, whilst enabling you to achieve your full potential at work.

Please tell us what flexibility means to you during your interview process.


"Every day at Featurespace brings a new challenge, but working within a team of brilliant people makes no challenge seem impossible."

Lucy – Director of Analytics

Our Culture Awards

Our unique and resilient culture is one of the things we’re most proud of here at Featurespace, so it’s an honour when we are recognized for this.

The Culture 100 award recognises and celebrates companies of all sizes for their commitments to building a progressive, people-centric workplace, diving beyond the surface to bring to life what it actually means to work inside a company that takes care of their people.

We are delighted to have been recognised for our commitment to creating a culture where every employee feels supported, valued, and connected, creating a collaborative global space where everybody’s voices are heard.


The Business Culture Awards annually recognise organisations across the country with outstanding business culture across several categories, with winners selected by a panel of leading HR professionals and past winners. Featurespace was delighted to be recognised for our culture through the Culture in a Crisis award, which showcased how our team pulled together and embraced the ever-evolving challenges of 2020, and beyond, whilst remaining focused on our customers.

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